Monday, January 30, 2006

Kashi Naresh & Banaras Hindu University

His Highness Maharaja Bahadur Dr Vibhuti Narayan Singh, He was Chancellor to BHU till his death on 25th December 2000. --->


Lt.Col. His Highness Maharaja bahadur Sir PRABHU NARAYAN SINGH Bahadur 1889/1931, born 26th November 1855, Maharaja Bahadur and HH (personal) [cr.1889], Maharaja (hereditary) [cr.1911], G.C.I.E. [cr.1898], K.C.I.E. [cr.1890], LL.D. , became a Ruling Chief in 1911. He died 4th August 1931. (Its rare digital photograph of His Highness)

Unfortunately , HISTORIANs played a wrong game by delimiting the sacrifiece done by His Highness Maharaja Bahadur Pradhu Narayan Singh who donated his 1350 Acres of land to built world famous BHU . Even BHU or Varanasi official site fail to mention the name of His Highness Maharaja Bahadur Prabhu Narayan Singh who ruled the princely state BANARAS which had 13 gun saluate from 1989 to 1918 .

The proposal to establish Hindu University at Banaras was first made at a meeting held in 1904 under the presidentship of H H Maharaja Prabhu Narayan Singh of Banaras. Pt.Madan Mohan Malaviya, the prime mover of the scheme,dedicated his life to his work.The Banaras Hindu University Society was registered in 1911, and the Central Hindu Colleges was handed over to the society. The Hindu University was founded at 4 Feb ,1916(Basant Panchami, Saraswati Pooja) and it will functioned from Oct 1,1917.

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