Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Tikari zamindari (estate), which was the biggest estateof Gayadistrict and one of the biggest of South Bihar. On account of itsbigness, it used to bementioned as Tikari Raj (kingdom). It was aboutone-fourth of size of the then Gaya district andwas paying an annualrent of 0.9 million rupees to the then British government. The estatehad anelaborate system of the assessment and collection of rent incash and kind(grains). The headquarters of the estate was in Gaya,where an Englishman used to be the Chief Manager, whowas assisted bytwo Indian managers. The whole estate was divided into 18 circles andJehanabadwas one of the circles. Below the circle used to be theKutchery, at the lavel of Mahal. EachMahal consisted of 15-20 Mauzas(villages). Kutchery housed land-rent record office and thetreasury.Money for minor repairs of ahar-pynes was provided from the Kutchery.
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