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Father’s Name : Shri Radhamohan Thakur
Mother’s Name : Smt. Sharda Thakur
Date of Birth : 3 September 1931
Place of Birth : Dubaha, Distt. Muzaffarpur (Bihar)
Date of Marriage :12 June 1957
Spouse’s Name : Dr. (Smt.) Uma Thakur
No. of Sons 2
No. of Daughters 2

Educational Qualifications :
M.B.B.S., M.D., M.R.C.P., F.R.C.P. Educated at Patna Medical College, Patna University, BiharRoyal College of Physicians, London and Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh and Royal College of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, London
Permanent Address:
Fraser Road, G.P.O. Distt. PatnaBihar - 800 001

Positions Held
Elected to 8th Lok Sabha
Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
Member, Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests; and its Sub-Committee on Ganga Action Plan
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of External Affairs
Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
22 Nov. 1999– 26 May 2000
Union Cabinet Minister, Water Resources
27 May 2000- 30 June 2002
Union Cabinet Minister, Health and Family Welfare
29 Jan. 2003- onwards
Union Cabinet Minister, Small Scale Industries; Development of North-Eastern Region

Books Published
(i) Dynamics of Development (Editor and Contributor);
(ii) Glimpses of Indian Technology (Co-author);
(iii) World Trade Organization (author);
(iv) Technical Report Series 791 upto 1990 (Geneva) Control of Leishmaniasis (joint author);
(v) Recent Trends in Leishmania Research (contributor);
(vi) Text Book of Medicine—API Text Book of Medicine (Joint author); and
(vii) India Under Atal Bihari Vajpayee, B.J.P. Era
Literary Artistic & Scientific Accomplishments

Published more than 100 research papers in medical journals and more than 200 articles in press;
(i) Scientific Working Group (Leishmaniasis), W.H.O. (Geneva);
(ii) Steering Committee (W.H.O. Geneva); and
(iii) Expert Committee (Leishmaniasis), 1988-2000;
(i) Padmashree;
(ii) BC Roy National Award (Indian Medical Council);
(iii) BKAIKET ORATION AWARD (Indian Council of Medical Research); and
(iv) P.N. Raju Oration Award (ICMR)

Other Information
Stood first and received gold medal in M.B.B.S. Honours;
Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and currently Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Patna Medical College; Chairman, Balaji Utthan Sansthan, Patna, 1994 onwards;
(i) Cardiological Society of India;
(ii) Indian Medical Association;
(iii) Indian Science Congress Association;
(iv) Association of Physicians of India;
(v) New York Academy of Science;
(vi) British Medical Association; organised and chaired many scientific meetings and symposia;
Revolutionised the concept of treatment of Kala-azar and recognised as an international authority in this field; and still supervising research on Kala-azar in Bihar; Member, Board of Governors, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, 1998

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possibly the greatest physician to come out of INDIA.Agreat scientist,teacher and human being as well