Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Who Defeated Mrs Gandhi : Socialist leader RAJ NARAIN

Its my personal dedication to this great socialist leader of INDIA who came in limelight after the allahabad high court famous judgement on june 12, 1975 which disqualified Mrs Indira Gandhi as Member of Parliament ( Lok Sabha) from Rae-Bareli of election held in 1971 . This led to famous black chapter in Indian Democracy i.e. state of Emergency .
Sri Raj Narain a lawyer and son of Anant Prasad Singh born on 15th march , 1917 was having three sons and one daughter . He got elected to UP assembly in 1952 & 1957 and it shows his Political power as socialist leader . Later on he shifted to National Politics and became member of Parliament ( Rajya Sabha) for period 3-4-1966 to 2-4-1972 and 3-4-1974 to 21-3-1977 . Rajya Sabha records shows how much notorious he was with actions and speech and FAMOUS among his opponents as well among Socialist Leaders .
He served as President and Chairman of various factions of SOCIALIST MOVEMENT in INDIA from 1961 onwards but became much powefull after defeating Mrs Gandhi in 1977 from Rae-Bareli which came as a Prize post for him with cabinet birth in MORARJEE BHAI era of JANTA PARTY . He was Health Minister , UNION Govt , INDIA .
But his aim was to see his own man as PM of INDIA so he played all tricks of POLITICs with the help of SANJAY GANDHI to make Sri Charan Singh as PM of INDIA and he succeed . Active Politician from that era said , Everything was ready for JAGJIVAN RAM as next PM but it was RAJ NARAIN who played a BIG Role as framing JAGJIVAN RAM in a SEX SCANDAL which marred the opportunities of JAGJIVAN to be next PM .
He himself from a land lord family but was having real pain for KHET MAZDOORs which was a big trouble for his eleders and brothers as he used to advocate for his own farm labours :) So once his brothers decided that he will not interfere KHET-KHALIHAN matters :)
On Personal and Political level , He fought his whole life against the dynasty of NEHRU-GANDHI . Others says " A perfect bluffmaster of Indian Politics who created a toofan in 1970s without any typical Caste support based Politics " !
He died on 22nd february , 1987 .
Bhumihar Brahmins saluate this rare Political BRAIN.

Raj Narain influenced politics in the 1970s, and yet how many of you know him? Younger readers who think Laloo Prasad Yadav is the perennial jester of Indian politics will never know the 'mystique' of Raj Narain. Always looking as if he had just woken up from bed after a bad nightmare, always seen with a lime green bandana, always ready with a devastating quip, always prepared to destroy and self destruct. Morarji Desai's health minister, he aligned with then home minister Charan Singh and brought down the Janata Party government by hammering former Jan Sangh ministers like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani over their membership of the RSS. Most pundits dismissed him as a buffoon, but, like Laloo, he was a canny political operator. Indira Gandhi had enough reason to loath him. After losing to her in the 1971 election from Rae Bareli, Raj Narain mounted a ferocious legal campaign to unseat her for violation of electoral practices.



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did you know the present president of the INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION , Dr Ajay Kumar is also a prominent bhumihhar brahmin

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Actually not a single portal is providing the wholr political history about Raj Narain,I want to know the complete chronology of this grweaat person ,who we can say as the Gem of the BHUMIHAR samaj.If you people can provide this to me than please send it to me.My e mail address is given