Tuesday, December 05, 2006

BEGUSARAI (BIHAT) ke Laal : Sri Chandra Shekhar Singh

Late Chandra Skekhar Singh was born on 26th of December in 1915 invillage Bihat in the district of Begusarai in a w.ell to doagricultural family. His father late Rama Charitra Singh was a demonstrator in the Great Bhumihar Brahmin College, Muzaffarpur but he resigned from his government job in 1920 and joined the national movement. He wasimprisoned several times. As such late Chandra Shekhar Singh was brought up in a political environment from his childhood.
Mr. Singh had his schooling in Patna. After passing his matriculationexamination he went to Benaras Hindu University and graduated fromthere. While studying in BHU Mr. Singh came in contact with one Mr.Rustum Satin who was a leftist and a Marxist activist there. Under hisinfluence late Mr. Singh was also imbibed with progressive and leftistideas. After graduating from BHU he went to Patna for higher education. He passed his M.A. examination from there securing a second class in Economics. While studying at Patna he was much influenced by Prof. Gyanchand who was a socialist in his ideas. Late Singh by now plunged himself in the students movement and was a very active leader throughout the province of Bihar. Being a very powerful speaker he wasvery popular in the province and an effective person in organizing thestudents and the student movement.
After passing his M.A. examination he joined the Patna Law College and stayed in the college hostel. On account of his anti- British speechesand activities he was considered too dangerous for the government and was arrested from his hostel in 1940. He was lodged in Hazaribagh jail as a political prisoner and a detnue. By now he had become a communist After his release from the jail he engaged himself in party work organizing the kisan movement as well as the labour movement in the province. He was one of the important persons in the leadership of the Communist Party in Bihar. On account of his being a very powerful orator and speaker late Sigh drew huge crowds to the meetings addressed by him throughout the province. He was respected by all sections of people.
In 1967 he was sworn in as a minister in the first non-congress government in Bihar and was in charge of the important departments ofIrrigation and Power. He was once again a minister in the subsequent non-congress ministry and was assigned the department of Agriculture. He was also a well raveled person visiting a number of countries several times.
Late Singh was married to an illustrious family of the then Saran district His wife Smt. Shakuntala Sinha is the daughter of late NarainPrasad Singh of Gorayakothi village. Late Narain Babu was also afreedom fighter and was a member of the Central Council in thetwenties. Sri Chandra Shekhar Singh Brother in law Late Krishna Kant Singh was also a Politician who served the Bihar as various department Minister .
Late Chandra Shekhar Singh departed from this world on the 19th ofJuly 1976 at Patna.
His son Late Pyare babu was also a well known figure as a BUSINESS THINKER & INNOVATOR who died along with his wife in a car accident near Merrut in 1997 .

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