Saturday, February 25, 2006

Homage to Dr R.K.Sinha

Homage to Dr R.K.Sinha
Dr Suresh Nandan Sinha*
Dr Radha Krishna Sinha-a doyen of English literature in India is no more. After living a full life, he left for heavenly abode at the ripe old age of 88 on the 29th of August at the Patna residence of his eldest daughter, Dr Manju Rani Sinha, Retd Principal, Magadh Mahila college, Patna University.
Dr Sinha joined Patna University as a lecturer in English in the year 1937 and after eight years, he left for U.K to undertake research work under David Cecil-a renowned critic of English literature. He obtained DPhil degree from Oxford University on D. H. Lawrence. He was acclaimed in his time as one of the four great scholars on Lawrence in English world. His write-up entitled ‘Forms of fiction’ was widely appreciated all over the world in the field of English fiction.
On his return from U.K, he was elevated to the post of University Head of the department of English in Patna University in 1952 at the age 35 and had the distinction of being the youngest University Head of a department in Patna University.He held this post till he retired in 1977. Dr Sinha was a voracious reader of English novels. Whenever this scribe had had an occasion to go to his residence, he was found engrossed in reading books but he loved to remain surrounded by scholars of his liking. Being an aristocrat by birth and coming from an affluent family, he seldom did any manual work; even a pen he infrequently touched to write anything and wrote letters in others’ handwriting putting his signature only. Once while moving in a book fair in Delhi, I happened to see a book authored by him. I wondered and asked Mrs Rama Jha, ( Wife of eminent writer Akhileshwar Jha ) who was mannig the stall of Chanakya Publications as to how Dr R.K.Sinha could write the book when he was known as one who seldom touched pen. She narrated to me how She interviewed Dr Sinha and tape recorded the answers to her questions on varied aspects of English novel and produced the same in the book form which was then before my eyes.
Dr Sinha would ever be remembered not only for his scholarly career in English literature but also for his genial disposition, his sterling qualities of head and heart and above all for his loving temperament which endeared him to all.
*The writer is Retd Professor of MIT Muzaffarpur

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